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Dear Stakeholder,

Greetings from the management of Cerebra.

It is always a pleasure to personally brief you on all the happenings in your Company and I thank you for giving me another opportunity to do this. We are now 23 years old in this business and hardware is still our main bread earner. It has been a mixed bag and the global meltdown, challenging economic environment in India has all contributed to many sleepless nights. Inspite of all these your Company has performed admirably and your Company’s management and key employees have strived hard to maintain profitability and growth quarter after quarter.

We are reasonably confident of performing well and exceeding expectations in the ongoing year. Make in India programme started by our PM has excited us and we are looking at starting manufacturing a few high end products during this year. We are sure this will contribute a major portion to our topline and also provide a healthy bottom line in the coming years. India, inspite of the continuing bleak economic scenario, is growing reasonably and am sure it should only increase in the coming years. Cerebra is rightly poised to take a major market share with the right initiatives and strategies being put in place by your management.

Our UAE Subsidiary is performing well and it is now close to 4 years in the MENA region. We are expanding rapidly at the same time with a clear eye on the bottom line. We have more than 100 partners and have a firm presence in the Middle East. We have created a brand well recognised in the region.

Cerebra LPO has also worked quite hard in challenging circumstances and now have a decent business plan. We have increased our headcount and have added new customers globally.

You will find more details of the subsidiaries in the Board’s Report.

We are working on expanding our EMS and contract manufacturing division and will be adding two more lines to augment our manufacturing capacity here.

Finally our mainstay for the coming years ..our E waste division. The business has grown and we have worked towards setting up India’s largest E waste recycling facility In Narsapura, Bangalore. We have raised the required funds for this and am sure that by this time next year a world class plant will be ready and in operation. I am looking forward to announcing this very soon. Both the central and the state Government are supporting us in this massive project. We take this opportunity to thank you all, employees, partners, vendors, bankers and the Government of Karnataka and the Government of India for their continued support.

Warm Regards

V Ranganathan
Managing Director

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